Student Life

Next Semester begins: Monday, February 5, 2018
Program of Studies: The Oneness of God


World Religions. A study of the basics of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism to help our people understand why our beliefs are different and to customize their witness for more effective evangelism in our multicultural environment.

Apologetics. A primer on defending the Christian faith, preparing our people to answer questions from atheists and other skeptics regarding proofs of the existence of God, creation of the universe, the inspiration of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus, and refuting the theory of evolution.

Epistle to the Romans. Considered as the most important doctrinal treatise of the New Testament, in this epistle Paul explains the significance of the Gospel in a world where Jews and Gentiles find themselves equally guilty in the eyes of a righteous God.

Homiletics. The art of teaching. The course will treat both the process of lesson preparation as well as the delivery of the message. This process initiates from the gathering of ideas, through the deeper examination of the Bible text, to the appropriate illustration for your lesson or sermon, and to the application of the message to the lives of your listeners.


Each student has access to their very own student intranet area. In this area you can view the latest news, watch classes on-demand, submit homework and view your grades. This is also the section where the livestream is broadcasted.


At FTBI – your classmates matter. Students come from different walks of life and vary with their personal Biblical knowledge. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your denomination and level of study.