Sponsor a Pastor’s Bible training = Bless an entire church

You recognize the many values that attending Bible Institute has for the regular believer. Imagine the difference such training makes in the formation of Pastors that will shepherd many souls over the course of their ministry. Unfortunately, many Latin-American pastors do not possess the financial resources to attend a full-fledged Bible Institute. Our commitment to blessing the world with this type of training has prompted us to reduce the price of the Institute’s courses to only $35 per quarter for new students. Would you believe that in some countries even that amount is out of reach for Apostolic ministers? So, we decided to give you a chance to bless, not only one individual, but also entire churches by sponsoring the Bible education of their Pastor. We are giving you the opportunity to sponsor one or more Pastors in need by giving $35 every three months for each so they can better prepare themselves to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives. Notice the exponential multiplication of your gift; every $35 in reality will bless tens or even hundreds of God’s people. Will you join us in carrying this burden?

Sponsorship opportunity:

  • Latin American Pastors cannot afford to attend the Bible Institute
  • $35 pays for one Pastor for the entire quarter
  • You’ll meet their families and churches via photographs
  • You’ll have a chance to make a difference on a global scale
  • How many Pastors can you help?

I would like to be sponsored

If you would like to attend Fountain of Truth Bible Institute but do not have the financial means – please fill out the application below. By submitting a sponsorship, it does not guarantee you will be sponsored.

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